Earth ... my body
Air ... my breath
Fire ... my creative force
Water ... my blood
... my spirit

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Give Thanks

Let us honor each other and give thanks so we may be one.

Falling Into Balance

Sometimes, what seems to be the harshness of life also has its flip side

Fireflies In The Night

We came, we ate, we drank, we laughed, and yes, privately we wept.

Healing Stones For Gemini

A Gemini can get stressed out when people are being, well, kind of boring, or uninformed, or ...

Just Let It Go

Now I'm not one for visiting family burial places. My belief is it is just their old vessels that are there, ...

Come With Me To The Woods

My journey began long ago. A flower child. Daughter of the sixties. Clad in worn out jeans and ...

Let Your Ideas Grow

"If you do things as Mother Nature planned your garden and life will always be beautiful."

Voices In My Head

If you grew up with mixed messages or verbal abuse, had very authoritarian parents, were the  ...

Color Outside The Lines

This past January I accepted an invite to a wine and painting party. As an artist ...

Can You Dig It?

Ever feel like you could literally just get blown away from even the slightest breeze? Or maybe ...

Hello Wonderful Creatures

Whispering WolfWhispering Wolf is a place I've created to write and post about varied artistic topics, thoughts of a spiritual nature, and things I like or find interesting. I've set no limits on what I will chat about, except they will somehow fit into the categories I show. Some may be how-to, informational, or just for fun. It is my hope this space will inspire you to honor all the pieces that make up the most wonderful and unique creature of all, YOU!

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